Spring has barely begun and our thoughts already turn to Easter and the delicious treats it brings! What treats, you ask? Well, imagine a perfectly formed egg and the subtle gleam of chocolate whose deep and rich brown hides nothing of the fondant and its power to delight. As for the graphic touch, it is in the image of our pastry chef, Pascal Hainigue; full of colours and elegance with a little touch of madness, common to all true creators.


A sculptural delight

A beautiful egg, deep brown as the eyes of someone you love, enhanced with a curvy interlacing of bright colours designed by the chocolatier in homage to the work of the artist, Guy de Rougemont, which decorates the hotel reception. All placed on a base made to resemble a stylised ‘B’.



The mouthwatering taste of chocolate

The modern art vibe may surprise you, but the exquisite aroma of chocolate will be comfortingly familiar. The subtle sharpness is undoubtedly that of cocoa from distant Ecuador. The spicy citrus hint marries a touch of banana and, as you might guess, under the smooth shell, the pieces of hazelnut and almond add a beguiling crunch. A great taste experience.