Easter is approaching with its bells, rabbits, chicks and delicious Easter eggs. In the meantime, Pastry Chef Julien Chamblas has been busy creating a gourmet Easter surprise for you at Burgundy Paris, and the secret is about to be revealed. Enjoy barrels filled with scrupulously guarded treasures in an imaginative pirate themed Easter treat that is simply brilliant!


Follow the pirates!

While their parents are visiting exhibitions in Paris, Victoire and Louis Burgundy prefer to assist our pastry chef with his Easter plans. No bells so this year, but rather a host of pirates armed to the teeth. Fruity jewels, praline cannonballs and cocoa gunpowder are just some of the delicious treasures hidden in those sumptuous barrels. Easter 2016 is sure to be a resounding success. You’ll love our young pirates and old salts made from dark and milk chocolate, caramel and almond paste. Succumb to the temptation of aromatic ganaches and sweet pralines – only the bravest will be able to seize the crunchy hazelnut loot. Be sure to place your orders well before the end of March!


A gifted chocolate chef

Surprise! These hard won barrels of treasure will be a new treat for those who don’t already know of our skilled chocolate chef. It’s still a semi-surprise for gourmets who know our pastry chef, but who have never encountered his love of chocolate before. While dessert at the Burgundy Paris might honour seasonal fruits, our chef never forgets to pay homage to that divine pod that gives us cocoa and its derivative, luscious chocolate. Discover contrasting flavours and textures as creamy caramel Guanaja is paired with divine cocoa biscuit. His talent can be found among the beautiful creations for Easter 2016, all duly approved by Victoire and Louis Burgundy.



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