At Le Burgundy

Flower power at the Burgundy

Here at the Burgundy we like to fill our world with blooms. To make this possible, we choose to use the services of the florist called, simply, Flower.

Our new cocktail menu for the summer

Jeremy Blanc, head barman of the bar Le Charles feels the call of the sea, the invitation of this vast world to slice the vanilla, smell the sake, squeeze the citrus and concoct a menu of summer cocktails that evoke the distant, the mysterious, the sensual.

Become a member of the Burgundy Health Club

A relaxation area, fitness space and spa in the heart of one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of Paris that is accessible at any time of the day? It's true! Benefit by becoming a member of the very exclusive Burgundy Health Club ...

Mother's Day at the Burgundy

Mother’s Day in France falls on May 26th this year! Breakfast in bed, a bunch of flowers and a gourmet selection of chocolates should definitely be on the agenda. And, to make it even more of a celebration, at the Burgundy we have created a unique gift box to offer mum on her special day.

Easter at the Burgundy

As Easter approaches, it's getting harder and harder to stay out of the kitchen where the patissier Pascal Hainigue and his team are busy working their magic. The deliciously chocolatey scent is simply irresistible. The seemingly endless wait is rewarded, however, when suddenly the door opens ...

A whole world of pampering this winter at the Burgundy

From the land of the Rising Sun and the rituals of the ancient Orient to the invigorating chill of the far and frozen north, the Spa le Burgundy by Sothys Winter Care menu offers a world tour of wellness and beauty.

Nordic dining at the Burgundy

The Parisian winter brings with it a yearning for the flavours of the north. Now that the season has spread its frosty blanket over the capital, the Burgundy has decided to fully embrace the arctic ambiance! Thus, the patio has become a boreal forest between the white birch trunks and deep green fir tree branches of which we now enjoy the delicious specialties of the northlands.

A Nordic Winter at the Burgundy Paris

Frost, crystals, cinnamon and candles; you are at the Burgundy! At the end of the year, the Burgundy wears its winter finery. A delight for the eyes that quickly becomes a feast for the taste buds when northern delicacies and tasty Christmas logs make their appearance.

Our “Day Spa & Tea Time” package; the gift of serenity

It is once again time to think about searching for Christmas gift ideas and we all know it’s sometimes tricky to find just the right one! How about offering a day of paradise to one (or two!) loved ones? Among our various boxes is the “Spa & Tea Time” package, a pampering break that will be much appreciated by your chosen recipient.