At Le Burgundy

For our mums!

In France this year we will celebrate Mother’s Day on May 27th. For the occasion and until June 6th, the Burgundy Paris in partnership with the master-florist Lachaume offers a mother and child floral and gourmet workshop you can share to the last petal. 


Detox program at the Burgundy Paris

Spring is here and with it comes a desire for lightness and renewal. To satisfy you while following the seasonal trend, the Burgundy Paris offers its “Détox de Printemps” (Spring Detox) program, a delightful blend of rejuvenating treatments, wellness session in the swimming pool and the sauna... And the freshest of menus!

Easter at the Burgundy

Spring has barely begun and our thoughts already turn to Easter and the delicious treats it brings! What treats, you ask? Well, imagine a perfectly formed egg and the subtle gleam of chocolate whose deep and rich brown hides nothing of the fondant and its power to delight. As for the graphic touch, it is in the image of our pastry chef, Pascal Hainigue; full of colours and elegance with a little touch of madness, common to all true creators.

A time for new resolutions

Tradition dictates that as the old year ends and a new one begins we should mark the occasion with some timely resolutions. Promises to eat less, exercise more or get on with the mother-in-law are some of the classics - most are destined to fail. This year, however, the Burgundy family is determined to stick to its New Year resolutions.

The Burgundy Log

For Christmas 2017, our Pastry Chef Pascal Hainigue has created a masterpiece of flavour and aesthetics. Beautiful and delicious, it's a log worth savouring.

Thanksgiving at Burgundy

The 4th Thursday of November falls on the 23rd this year and that means Thanksgiving Day - just as it has since the 4th Thursday of November back in 1863. It's a chance for Victoire and Louis Burgundy to put on their best clothes as they celebrate the journey of the pilgrim fathers who had just landed from the Mayflower.

A "Cruise" for those beautiful summer days

From 15th June to 15th September, Le Burgundy Paris regales its guests with a programme of well-being. The "Cruise Collection" offers gourmet lunch on its airy- flower-filled patio, unlimited access to the cool turquoise waters of its pool and the "Bonne Mine" treatment at the Spa. Ready to board ship?

Floral Picnic in Paris

"This is too much!", Louis Burgundy refuses to take one more step towards a museum, a monument, or even a store! "No, no, three times no!"  Nevertheless, Carl and Marie are ready, hand on the door to their suite. Conflict threatens until Victoire Burgundy decides to take things in hand and suggests ... a picnic.

Mother's Day at the Burgundy

Sunday, 28th May is Mother’s Day in France. For the occasion, Victoire and Louis Burgundy, helped by their father Carl, have come up with a special programme that combines shopping, culture, relaxation and gastronomy. A special day to be enjoyed with abandon.

Dear Guests,

In accordance with the bill relating to the management of the health crisis passed on July 25th, 2021, the obligation to present a valid health pass or a negative PCR test of less than 48 hours will be necessary for all customers staying at Le Burgundy Paris from the August 9th, 2021.

In order to facilitate the check-in procedures on the day of arrival, we recommend that you send us the documents in advance for all occupants of the room aged over 18 years old.

The failure to present the documents upon check-in could result in the cancellation of the stay without recourse.