In Paris

A romantic Valentine's Day

The decision has been made, this Valentine's Day, February 14th, Carl and Marie won't leave each other's side for a single moment! This is their day, and their fingers will stay entwined during breakfast, as they stroll through Paris, and as they dine by candlelight.

Carnival in Paris

On Sunday, February 11th, Paris will awake to the 21st edition of its carnival. The "Tales of Perrault and Others" is the theme for 2018 – news which delight Louis and Victoire!

Winter shopping

Although there hasn't been the chance to throw snowballs at each other yet, the cold has certainly reached Paris. Marie realises with a touch of horror that her and her children's wardrobes are sadly lacking in warm clothing. Luckily, there are lots of appealing shops near Le Burgundy Paris !

A great weekend of shopping in Paris

As is their custom, Marie and Victoire Burgundy have decided to plan a weekend of shopping. Just for girls. The men are left with their sandwiches and toys while they head off to look at dresses in autumn colours, shimmering scarves, and the latest perfumes – the sweet scents are the perfect excuse to stop for a hot chocolate!

All set for FIAC!

From 19th to 22nd October, Paris will host the FIAC or, for the uninitiated, the International Contemporary Art Fair. It’s an event that combines culture and leisure and one that the Burgundy family wouldn't miss for the world.

Autumn in the gardens

The capital's most beautiful gardens will be honoured on September 23rd and 24th. The Fête des Jardins de Paris is in full swing and hectares of greenery, trees, lawns and flowers are open to Parisians and visitors to the city. The Burgundy family is among the event's most enthusiastic followers.

European Heritage Days: 34th edition!

The 34th edition of European Heritage Days runs from September 16th to 17th, The event was created in 1984 on the initiative of Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture, and 34 years later there are still so many wonders to discover! The Burgundy family is ready: comfortable shoes, camera, lightweight jackets just in case ... now they just need to agree on a programme!

A day at the Tuileries Gardens

In August, the light is already leaning towards autumn and taking on the tints of late summer. It's the ideal time for a quiet walk in that romantic haven of peace and calm, the Tuileries Gardens.

The Glacier Tour

And so, it was planned; Louis and Victoire would organise a special trip for a beautiful August day. They spent a lot of time on the internet first trying to choose the best and fullest programme so, they're quite proud of themselves when they present the results of their searches to Marie and Carl – a trip to discover the capital's most original glaciers.

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