Parisian luxury at the heart of the Fashion and Haute Couture district sees

Julien Chamblas appointed new Head Pastry Chef.


In charge of the sweet menu at the Michelin-starred Le Baudelaire restaurant and the traditional Tea-time, which was launched last year, Head Pastry chef Julien Chamblas joined the team at the Burgundy Paris at the beginning of this year, bringing with him 15 years of professional experience.

After passing his CAP in the arts of Sweet Pastry, Chocolate, Ice-Cream and Confectionery in 2001, he began his professional career at the Pic in Valence under pastry chef Philippe Rigollot (World Pastry Champion in 2005 and MOF (one of France’s finest craftsmen) in 2007), before moving back to Paris where he joined Christophe Michalak (World Pastry Champion in 2005) at the Plaza Athénée as part-line cook in the pastry section.

These challenging and rewarding first experiences led to his appointment as pastry line cook at the Villa Madie 1* in Cassis, after which he worked as pastry chef at the opening of the Il Vino restaurants by Enrico Bernardo (World’s Best Sommelier in 2004).

Naturally curious and with a thirst for knowledge, he joined Potel& Chabot, then Fauchon for the launch of their first menu designed exclusively for receptions in 2009.

The adventure proved to be a success, and he returned to his first love to become Head Pastry Chef at the mythical Parisian hotel the Lutetia, 4* where he stayed until 2013, when he joined Anne-Sophie Pic au Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne.

Over the course of his impressive career he has developed a talent that combines creativity and balance. He has created his own individual style, which can be enjoyed right now at the hotel.

Le Burgundy stands out for its sweet creations, and now Julien Chamblas is a part of that luxury where the sweet menu of a hotel has earned its place alongside the traditional big names in Gastronomy.